Hade De Nève (1960) graduated in 1986 at the school of André Van Lysebeth

in Brussels. She has her own yogapractice in Brussels. She is since 30 years

teacher trainer in the Institute for Yogateacher in Zolder (Limburg) and since

8 years she directs the school. She takes care of the practice of Hatha Yoga,

seminars and certain theoretical items.

Workshop : How to be able to “hold” a posture in a better way!

Very often we see it is rather difficult to keep a certain posture in a correct

and easy way. We tense to many and wrong muscles and then it becomes an

obstacle. In this workshop we will work towards 1 posture that we will

analyse anatomically at the end of our session We will hold our Asana in a

better way, with more stability and with the proper used muscles in our

posture. If we achieve this we can concentrate on the elements to which a

posture has to respond and than we can experience the Asana!


We will prepare our Asanas (postures) with Kriyas (fluent movements) that

promote the energy circulation through the whole body. This will give the

body the opportunity to approach the posture with more ease and comfort.


For who : Every person willing to respect his or her limits and willing to

invite the body and the mind to find depth in the experience.

Yoga Ayurvéda Festival

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