Sameer Khan 

Hot Yoga

Sameer Khan born and raised and Pune India, Founder of European Yoga Institute Brussels, Teaching Hot yoga more than a two decade, has one mission in life to leverage his lifelong knowledge and mastery of yoga to bring health and healing to Europe, indeed to the world.

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Hot Yoga is sequence of 26 postures and two breathing exercise performed in warm room, the pure and authentic form of yoga. You stretch, you sweat, you laugh, you do more for body and mind. Yoga asanas that have been practiced for centuries, integrated with wisdom from ancient scriptures, are brought to you in a format that would help you to improve the quality of daily living.

                .For my body and my Mind

  • Improves flexibility, revitalizes internal organs

  • Strengthens muscles and bones

  • Better posture and body alignment

  • Improves digestion, circulation and immunity

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16 Rue Bois Paris à 1380 Lasne, Belgique


+32 2 633 12 66