Who are we?

Why Yoga?

Yoga can be described as a multifaceted diamond. Today many forms of yoga can be found and all are valid.   Each one focuses on one or more facets of the diamond. It is for us to find the type of yoga that suits us at a given moment of our lives.  This can change over time: as we grow, our needs both physical and mental, may expand.


Some forms of yoga work more with the stillness within the body, this inner work being guided or not. Other practices concentrate on movement supported by breath work. Some yogas are physically intense; others softer, focusing on the stretch and the opening, the "just letting it happen."


Over the course of the festival, we are offering a variety of yoga practices with Belgian, French and Indian teachers being at the core of the programme.


2 evenings of entertainment are currently being organised and will be announced in the near future.

Why Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is still relatively unknown or understood in the West.   

To summarise, it is a whole way of life.

In India, Yoga and Ayurveda are very strongly intertwined.   In essence, Ayurveda is the science of healthy living.  It begins in the kitchen, accompanies us in our everyday lives and offers support with a wide range of treatments when our bodies let us down!

The most well-known of these treatments are, of course, the various ayurvedic massages.

Why Atlantide?

Atlantide has just celebrated its 30thanniversary!

We are delighted to host this event and to welcome you all to Atlantide.   We offer you the opportunity to go beyond exercise, by awakening the mind through movement, breathing and curiosity, by finding your own path – something to suit you.


Happy and fruitful festival!

Yoga Ayurvéda Festival

16 Rue Bois Paris à 1380 Lasne, Belgique


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